Master Accessories (Pvt.)Ltd.

Transport Trading Agency garments Accessories

Master Accessories (Pvt.)Ltd.

To make,distribute and sell the finest quality in our products and service with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome and promoting business practices within the boundary of Ethics.

To be an organization that best understands and satisfies with the product, service and self-fulfillment need of customers.

About Master

To start the story of Master Accessories (Pvt.) Ltd. one needs to know the inception if Master. In 1981 the chairman of todays Master Accessories (Pvt.) Ltd. Mohammed imam Uddin had commenced Master Transport and trading Agency. Presently the leading in-land logistic service company of the market.

After around 27 years of serving the RMG market with a remarkable goodwill. Mohammad imam Uddin has taken the risk to penetrate in the manufacturing market with a garments accessories factory keeping his elder son muntasir Imtiaz the Managing Director of the company. For the last 10 years, it has been working with some leading RMG manufacturing companies and the biggest buyers of the world.

Sines February 2017, it has shifted to its own premise at norsinhdi from the rented premise in Dakkhinkhan. Now the plant bigger and the service is way better then before.

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Our Capacity

Factory Details

PE Blowing Machine 8 (8000 LBS)

PP Blowing Machine 2 (2500 LBS)

HDPE Blowing Machine 1 (1200 LBS)

Side Sealing Machine 3 (75000 Pcs)

Bottom Sealing Machine 2 (60000 Pcs)

Corona Surface Treat Machine 3 (Followed By Blowing)

Flexo Printing Machine 2 (200000 Pcs)

Sewing Thread Cone Machine 20 (7000 Cones)

Gum tape Machine 1 (5000 Roll)

Carton (Full Set) 1 (7000 Pcs)

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Current Client List

Mosco Industries Ltd

Fakir Knit ware Ltd

Hoplun (BD) Ltd

Hopyick (BD) Ltd

Metro Knitting Ltd

Pioneer Knit Composite Ltd

Karooni Knit Composite Ltd

JMS Garments Ltd

Style craft Ltd

Mehnaz Style and Craft Ltd

hypoid Composite Ltd

Kaizer Knitware Ltd

Orbitex Knitware Ltd

Panorama Apparels Ltd

Hoplun Fashion

Yunusco (BD) Ltd

Fafiha Knit tex Ltd

AKM Knitware Ltd

Graphics textile Ltd

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